1. Staff Application Format

    Application Status: CLOSED

    When submitting a staff application to become a helper, please follow the format below:

    Your IGN:
    Discord Name:
    How long have you been playing on Proximity?:
    Do you have access to a microphone?:
    Do you agree to a voice interview if necessary?:
    When are you typically available?:
    Have you ever been banned or muted on the server?:
    Do you have any prior or related experience? How do you feel it would benefit you in this role?:
    Have you made any previous applications? If so, how many and date of most recent?:
    If someone in the server was arguing with someone else about accusations of griefing, what are the steps you would take if you were staff?:
    How do you feel the server could be better?:
    Is there anything else you would like to let us know?

    When you are ready to submit application, please create a new thread here.

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Staff Applications

Interested in being a staff member on Proximity? Apply for staff here!

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