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    Proximity Parkour
    Hey gamers,

    I wanted to take some time and prepare a guide on how to play Parkour. Parkour is a very simple and fun game to play and I think you will all enjoy it from time to time to take a break from the SMP. This guide will run you through the basics of Parkour!



    Currently, we offer three difficulties of parkour including Easy, Medium and Hard. An additional difficulty will be added in the future called "Extreme" which will include extra long maps with quite a large reward. As of this post, there is a total of 60 maps including 20 of each difficulty.

    As you complete each map, you will be rewarded with in-game cash which can be used on rank upgrades, prestiging and cosmetics. You earn the following rewards for completing a map:

    • Easy: $100
    • Medium: $250
    • Hard: $400


    Using the money you earn from completing courses, you have the ability to purchase Parkour rank upgrades. You can rankup via the /rankup command and can view all ranks with the /ranks command. Each rank gives you a fancy tag in chat to show off your parkour skill.

    In addition to a ranking system, there is also the ability to prestige. This is for the best of the best parkour players! When you prestige, you will receive an additional tag next to your name which is a star and a number displaying what prestige you are. Currently, you can prestige up to five times and the person who reaches the maximum prestige first will be placed in spawn as an NPC!


    Think you have decent building skills and can build some quality parkour? You're going to love this then! Once you reach the first parkour rank, you will have access to the plot world. In the plot world, you can claim a plot of land and build your own parkour map. If you are a donator, you can claim additional plots! This is a great way to contribute to the server and have some of your own work displayed.

    Once you have built a map and you are interested in submitting it for review, you can submit it here. Your map will be reviewed by the staff and if it is approved, we will add it to the server!



    Our parkour server features a variety of cosmetics including particle effects, balloons, banners, emotes and much more! You can obtain these cosmetics by completing courses which give you in game cash. The cosmetics range from $200 to $2000 you can also earn money by voting so make sure you vote for the server every single day for extra cash!

    In addition to purchasing the cosmetics, each time you buy a rank from our online store, you will receive a cosmetic treasure which gives you the opportunity to win some cosmetics you do not have or extra cash.


    A list of other notable features are listed below...

    • Chat Reaction - A word will be randomly displayed in chat and you need to unscramble it or type it. If you win, you'll get a cash reward!
    • Music - Listen to some quality music while you parkour! Check out the jukebox in your hot bar or use the /music command to enable music.
    • Donor perks - Access a variety of donor perks including additional plots in the plot world, commands such as /nick and much more! View the donor perks on our store.
    • Statistics - View your statistics such as time played, map records and rank information with the statistics book in your hot bar or the hologram in spawn.
    • Settings - Modify your player settings in-game with the /settings command.
    If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask any of our staff in-game or in Discord for assistance and they will be glad to help! :)
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    Epic moment
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