Our Network

So what makes Proxmity different from other servers? Read about a few of our features below...

Tightly-Knit Community

The Proximity community spans several communities. Many players knew each other from livestream chats or other games.

Frequent Updates

Weekly updates at Proximity means that things never get old! Anything from new patches to new content every Friday!

Events and Activities

Official events are a major part of what we do, events happen regularly so get involved, have some fun, and meet new players!

Friendly Staff

Our staff are very friendly and easy to talk to. They are very active on the forums, in-game and on Discord! If you need help, just ask!

Fast Support

With staff in several timezones, we can provide fast and friendly support around the clock! Just join our Discord for help any time.

Community Based

Our community is very important to us which is why we take player feedback and suggestions very seriously! Tell us about your ideas on the forums.

Vote for us!

You can vote for the Proximity Network every day and earn rewards across all of our servers! This is a great way to support us. You can vote on the websites listed below.

Vote Link #1Vote Link #2
Vote Link #3Vote Link #4

Meet the Staff

Our staff are professional and experienced with running Minecraft servers. We will ensure a fun time on Proximity!



Snipper is the original founder of the Proximity Network and one of the current owners. Snipper actively streams on Twitch alongside being a college student majoring in Computer Science.



JayTuu is an owner of the Proximity Network. JayTuu has been working with Snipper on Proximity since March of 2019. In addition to being a professional Yabber, Jay is full-time Twitch Streamer.



Crowbar (Blaze) is the manager of the Proximity Network and is responsible for the day to day operations of the network. Blaze can often be found working on a new feature or taking care of some bugs!